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November 8, 2018

Roy Fox Science Centre Opening

The Science Centre opening on Saturday was a very special day for many reasons.

There was a gathering of many old friends and colleagues of Roy Fox as well as some who may know of him only by name and reputation. Past teacher Anne Casley was also remembered for her gentle and loving approach with the children. All of us were linked by a strong thread of what was at The School of Total Education and what now is.

We celebrated more than the legacy of Roy and Anne, which is not insignificant by any means. We celebrated The School, its Founder Vijayadev Yogendra, the teachers past and present who have continued the tradition and held fast to the underlying principles of Total Education. We celebrated the students of today through performances by Years 7 and 8 that were not only entertaining but displayed the confidence developing in another generation of students. We were able too to reflect on all the teachers throughout the history of the School and their contributions and dedication. Not forgetting the parents and families who have supported the school and kept their faith throughout all this time. They are the strength of the school community.

We were honoured by the presence of two past students, Associate Professor Fiona Barlow and Dr Indra Nordstrand who gave speeches in which they recalled the impact of Roy Fox as a teacher as well as a person and the continuing impact he has on their professional careers and lives. One comment of Fiona’s which sums it up, “I thought that once I knew something, had come to grasps with it, I could then pass it on and teach others but I found that Teaching is hard.” She recalled Roy’s infinite patience in helping his students to come to grasps with what he was teaching and in the long run learning a lot about life, about patience, love and dedication. We celebrate the success of many past students and it enriches our community enormously when they return to share with us. Teacher Michael Funder recalled the effect and strength of Anne Casley’s simple approach to the children’s development and her commitment to her own personal development through her teaching. He recalled she was never angry with the children.

Lastly, was the touching speech of Uncle Roger Knox who opened the centre. Roger told of a side of Roy that few of us knew, Roy was a very private person, and his involvement with an indigenous group started by Roger to enjoy singing together and much more. Roger’s presence however rang bells for some and not just because of his stature in the community. A long time ago Vijay spoke of a vision of The School of Total Education becoming more involved with our indigenous community and it is a delight to know that dream is coming to fruition. We are all the beneficiaries of this coming together.

We mark so much more than simply the opening of a wonderful new Science facility. I believe the spirit of the day imbues the Centre and will be transmitted to the students who learn therein.

Clare Cotton

Past Teacher and long-time supporter of Total Education