School Values

Holistic Education at SOTE

By instilling the 4 values of holistic education at SOTE, our students are inspired to engage in learning well beyond the confines of the classroom. They are inspired to engage in learning for life.

4 values that drive us

How we teach values in school

Nurturing uniqueness & spirit

Each child is wonderfully unique. By celebrating character and fostering individual development, our focus is on nurturing their inherent spirits and helping them to flourish into balanced, holistic, total people.

Balance academic learning with character development

We believe that a person’s success in life largely depends on the kind of person they become. That’s why we aim for the right balance between academic and character development. Our school curriculum focuses on building strong foundations in character, curiosity and community as well as providing an opportunity to dive deeper into subjects of interest and achieve great results.

Practice cooperation and intrinsic motivation

Children can achieve excellence through cooperation and intrinsic motivation, without the need for external motivation through competition and praise. Curiosity and desire to be your best self are more reliable and sustainable sources of motivation and build a resilient mindset that is not dependent on external influences.

Support learning through community engagement

It takes a village to raise a child. Our school isn’t just a collection of individuals – SOTE invites parents, teachers and children to be part of our friendly community with shared values, regular interaction and mutual support. This also extends to past students, parents and teachers.


Our School Motto


Our School’s motto is “In Pursuit of Knowledge, Excellence and Service”  


Knowledge is represented in the logo by the flame and refers to not just academic knowledge but also knowledge about life and the underlying principles that lead to a happy life. You could call it wisdom.  

Excellence refers to the idea of making the effort to do our very best in everything we do in our presentation, our relationships and in all the things we create and produce. In this way we honour our talents and all the people who are working to help us achieve our potential.  


Service refers to the idea that true maturity and independence comes when an individual recognises that, as a human being, we are part of a whole and that the ultimate expression of our humanity comes from doing something for others without thought of recognition or reward.  


These are the essential elements of Total Education. They underpin our values and key development areas.