Secondary School

A Unique Warwick High School Experience

Secondary schooling at our Warwick high school campus carries on the learnings of the primary years with a stronger focus on character development, academic achievement and future pathways. This, combined with continued emphasis on our school values, helps us to raise confident and capable human beings.

Key Subjects and Learning in Secondary School

At secondary level, classes are timetabled according to a variety of considerations. All students follow the Australian Curriculum and the senior syllabus as prescribed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). This includes the core areas of learning in English, Maths, Science and HASS (Humanities and Social Science) with a variety of arts and technology subjects added to this list according to year level.

Junior Secondary

In junior secondary, the aim is to have students make a smooth transition from primary school and to have success in their range of subjects.

Where possible, a minimum of different teachers are used to enable students to get used to a secondary timetable. Students are able to have a wide range of electives to suit their age group, along with some chances to mix with older grades to ensure a happy transition into their new Warwick high school environment.

Year 9 Discovery

The Year 9 Discovery program offers students the opportunity to explore their interests, learn life skills and consider how they will contribute to the world, while refreshing their learning experience ready for the more demanding requirements of senior studies. It has also been designed to assist students in their transition to adulthood.

Year 10

In Year 10, students are moving towards senior secondary school and will have more emphasis placed on career goals and subject alignment with these goals. Work experience is a key part of this and students all have one week out in the workforce.

Students also take on the responsibility of running regular video nights for younger students on some Friday nights throughout the year when the Parent’s Combined Program is occurring.

Year 10 is a time of great maturation and usually a Leadership and Challenge camp is scheduled later in the year to support this growth.

Senior Secondary

Students in Year 11 and 12 are offered a range of General and Applied subjects as prescribed by the QCAA to enable them to gain a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and a possible ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking) if they wish to go to university. A VET (Vocational Education) program through external providers is also available for those more interested in a trade or apprenticeship.

Secondary School Curriculum

The School of Total Education philosophy requires an adaptation of the national curriculum to accommodate its distinctive approach, without undermining the integrity of the curriculum.

This is seen in programs such as integrated studies where various subjects are periodically combined under a themed approach across a number of grades in junior secondary and Big History – where Science and HASS are combined in Year 10 for a term.

Events & activities
  • Musicals
  • Special Days
  • Outdoor Education
  • Secondary Camps
Extra-curricular activities

There are a range of student clubs and activities available according to student interests.

Currently these include a medieval club, a performing and recording group, a film making club, a gemstone and rock group as well as a chess club. According to numbers, there is often a coding club as well.

These groups gather at lunchtime or after school. There is also a secondary choir group who meet before or within school hours. Music instrumental lessons are also available throughout the school program, including piano, guitar, ukulele and brass instruments.