Family Stories

“We chose SOTE as our school because of the way it provides a supportive environment for children. With smaller class sizes, it allows for better teacher/student interaction. It also enables the teachers to individualise education to the student’s needs.

Our most memorable experience was when we first started at the school. Set in amongst the trees and gardens, the school had a relaxed and peaceful feel. The teachers and staff were enthusiastic about the students. The parents were friendly. But what made it memorable were the kids. In our first week of school as we arrived or left at the end of the day it was the kids that made us welcome.”


“The things that make SOTE different to any where else is the fact that Teachers, parents and children all work together to get the best from every child and we are all there to support each other. There is no competition to be better than the next person, just be the best that you can be. They recognise that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and that’s ok.

The school supports family’s by providing a community of people who help and support each other respectfully as well as having a network of health and academic professionals to provide extra help when needed.”


“We loved the graduation ceremony. Each year every child gets to speak and each of their personal journeys is recognized.  Each year you get an understanding that an education doesn’t happen in one or two years and not as the result of one or two people but comes from a whole lot of effort from a whole lot of people and can take many shapes and forms and can lead down many paths.  It’s very affirming.”


“We enrolled at The School of Total Education for the start of 2004 with our eldest child entering the Time Out program. Choosing The School of Total Education seemed the obvious choice as it aligns with our own values and beliefs about the importance of character development for our children.

The parents program has offered us a platform to discuss, bond and learn from other parents through shared experiences as well as informative input from specialists in different capacities. Building relationships with other parents as well as teachers has been one of my most valued aspects of the school community. Through these relationships we have been supported and cared for as a whole family during the most difficult times. I will be forever grateful to have been part of this nurturing community.”