School Information

Essential Information For SOTE Families

Use this page as your guide for everything you need to know about SOTE class times, attendance and more.


The School Office is the main point of contact for information about the school. The office is open between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm throughout the week. If you wish to book a tour, arrange an interview or ask any questions, please contact the school office on (07) 4661 2666 or email

School start & finish times

Before School Care: 8:00am in the school library

Primary School: 8:45am Start  |   3:00pm Finish

Junior Secondary School: 8:30am Start  |   3:20pm Finish

Senior Secondary School:  8:00am Start – some subjects  |   3:20pm Finish

Some secondary classes may finish at 4pm depending on the timetable.     

Class times

Quiet Time

Twice a week, primary children start their day as a group with a short session called Quiet Time. The purpose is to give the children an experience of quietness on a regular basis. Listening to stories with a positive message and listening to gentle music or sounds inside and outside the classroom are some of the activities used to get the children involved in this session.

Listening and Breathing

Children from middle primary through secondary level are taught a quieting exercise known as Listening. In secondary a simple breathing exercise is introduced. These exercises are derived from Yoga and are aimed at developing a sense of quietude, promoting a greater capacity for concentration and as a preventive measure for stress.

Children in Prep to Grade 2 learn some simple quieting practices and sensory activities to encourage them to settle.  These routines have been practiced in the school to great effect since its inception in 1981.


Children have a 30 – 45 minute recess mid-morning and one hour for lunch break. This is in keeping with the school’s philosophy that children need time to play. A lot of social learning takes place at this time and the teachers spend a part of each recess and lunch break involved with the children in their games and activities, observing their interactions and ensuring that everyone is included in activities.


If your child is not going to be able to attend school on a particular day, please ring or text the class teacher (in primary) by 8.00 am, the Home Group Teacher or subject teacher (in secondary) or the School Office (after 8.30 am) so that information can be passed on to the class teacher.

This is especially important for secondary level because of the small numbers in some classes. This issue is also important for the instrumental music program where classes are charged if absences are not notified.  When children arrive late for school, they must sign in at the office before going to their class.


Parents may take their children on holiday at any time during the year, provided that written notification is received at the school at least two weeks prior to the holiday.

The school reserves the right to recommend that children continue their attendance uninterrupted if the teachers believe this to be in the best interests of the child at a particular time.

Under State and Federal legislation, the School is required to keep a record of each child’s attendance. Any absence should be followed by a signed note from the parent giving reasons for the absence.

Inclusive meals

A cooked lunch is provided by the school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. Care is taken to ensure that the meals are balanced and healthy. They consist of a main course with vegetarian options and dessert. The children sit down at the table for the meal with their class and teacher and encouragement is given in learning table manners and broadening the children’s tastes.

School meals are prepared by our kitchen coordinator, Phil Horner, with the assistance of parents and volunteers. The help of parents in the kitchen is an essential area of support without which the meals could not be provided. The children’s sense of being cared for by a broader community is enhanced by the parents helping in the kitchen.


The School of Total Education is located in the regional centre of the Southern Downs, Warwick Queensland, 2 hours south west of Brisbane. Situated at 2 Freestone Road, the school spans over eleven acres of beautiful, natural landscapes. The school currently has 109 students enrolled from Prep – Year 12.