Year 9 Discovery Program

Recognising and acknowledging the transition from child to adult is a key reason for the Discovery Year.

It also responds to the need to refresh the learning experience for this age group in preparation for the more intense studies required in senior secondary. It is a year completely focused on giving students time to discover more about themselves, life and the world.

Each day, time is allocated for students to explore their interests and work on producing personal projects. This helps students to develop skills in many areas, encourages them to become self-directed and ignites a love of learning. Math, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences are the subjects taught each week, based on the Australian Curriculum and are presented in an engaging manner.

Benefits of the program

The Discovery Program in Year 9 is the perfect time for students to be given time to pursue their interests, focus on self-development, learn the art of setting goals and the work required to succeed.

With the many changes students are experiencing in this time of their lives, having this program allows them time to understand more about themselves, become aware of things they want to change, and learn to love who they are. When they accept themselves, they are free to focus, have self-belief and the courage to face challenges.

The Discovery Program aims to provide students with tools and strategies to support them through their last years of school and set them up well for life after school.


Much thought and planning is given to our camp program. The school wellbeing plan outlines stages of development and considers what challenges are appropriate for each age level.

When you view the overall program, the selected location of the camp, the length of time away, the types of activities offered and the skills that are required, everything is perfectly aligned for each age group – supporting students’ growth and extending them from one year to the next, but with a flexibility to accommodate the particular needs of any one class.

Rites of Passage

The school has worked closely with Dr Arne Rubinstein from the Rites of Passage Institute in creating a Rites of Passage process for our students. It complements the Discovery Year program beautifully and honours all students for who they are and all they have achieved. The first part of the process requires parents working with their child and the class group in a number of activities, sharing stories and meaningful discussions.

Following this, students engage in a week-long camp where they are presented with physical and mental challenges, time to reflect, leadership training, and activities that encourage the group to connect on a deeper level and value each other.

The final stage of the process occurs on completion of the camp back at school. It is a special ceremony and celebration of each Year 9 student, shared with their parents and teachers.


Dr Arne Rubinstein on Year 9 Discovery


“I will never forget this experience. The adventure and activities at Camp Kokoda, the chats with parents and peers, and the inspiring instructors that facilitated our program. I became so inspired and motivated at the end of camp and found the whole process very rewarding. ”

“I believe it brought the class together and revealed a different side of our peers. I also liked the social skills I gained while talking to the parents. It was good to have conversations with people I didn’t know very well.”

“To future students, I would tell them that yes, it will be challenging and there are a lot of tasks that you will feel out of your comfort zone with, but when you push yourself to do the best that you can, it feels amazing. You will be so proud of yourself and your classmates. It is most definitely worth it!! You got this!”