Teaching Opportunities

“A vital factor in education is the development of the teacher as a person who can exert an influence upon their students and bring out the best in them, like a gardener brings the blossom out of their plants.”


What we look for in a teacher

SOTE teachers play a vital role in Total Education;  without the dedication of our teaching staff, Total Education is not possible. In light of this, not every teacher will suit a position at our school.

To become a successful SOTE teacher, our staff members fully embrace the Total Education philosophy and develop relationships not only as a teacher, but as a mentor. Our teachers are passionate about educating, instilling values and helping students to navigate the challenges they face.

By building strong and respectful connections in and out of the classroom, our teachers help our students to become the best version of themselves.

Living & working in Warwick

Securing a Warwick teaching job in such a supportive community is a really rewarding experience.

Breaking down traditional barriers, teachers have the opportunity to build close relationships with students and their families to engage in a collaborative approach to education.

Communication doesn’t get lost and we work as a team to achieve a common goal.

Working among a group of like-minded teachers is also a really special experience and allows staff to collaborate on holistic learning approaches.

Suggested steps before applying

Before applying for a position at SOTE, we encourage you to get to know our school and what we stand for to ensure your values align with our own. Having everyone on board with the SOTE philosophy is so important to us and allows us to maintain the ethos our founder dedicated his life to creating. If you’re interested in joining our school, please:

  • Learn about us and our philosophy by exploring our website and reading a book about Total Education written by our founder, Vijayadev Yogendra.
  • Build an involvement with the school by subscribing to the SOTE newsletter and arranging a visit to the school.

Apply for teacher training placement

If you are a teacher in training and your values align with SOTE, consider applying for a teacher training placement at SOTE.

Our approach to education is based on learning through practical experience. A teacher training placement is an excellent way to experience first-hand how the school works, to participate in the life of the school and to interact with experienced SOTE teachers. Contact the school for information on how to apply for a teacher training placement at SOTE.

Register your interest to become a SOTE Teacher

If you’re interested in joining the faculty at SOTE, send us through a copy of your cover letter explaining why you would make a great SOTE teacher as well as a copy of your current resume. You can also stay up to date with upcoming teaching jobs at our Warwick QLD campus by registering your interest below.

Teaching staff testimonials

“As a teacher, the first thing I noticed when I arrived at the school was not the positive attributes of the school — small classes, quality resources, supportive colleagues and the friendly atmosphere — but the things that were missing. Without violence, graffiti, swearing, drugs, truancy, bullying, fear, disrespect, discrimination and theft, I am free to teach.”

“The School of Total Education is a unique environment, which promotes and the growth and development of all members of the school community — the staff, students and parents. Working here has been an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience both professionally and also personally. The small class sizes enable teachers to develop strong, positive relationships with the students, and their parents, which makes it so much easier to deal with issues in a positive and constructive manner as they arise.”

“The thing about working at SOTE for me has been job satisfaction. At SOTE you have the opportunity to really make a difference to the students and over the years I have watched students transform, largely through being given opportunities to excel in one area or another, with a subsequent growth in self-esteem with all the extra benefits that this brings. This is made possible through the caring philosophy of the school, small classes and great interaction between teachers and parents.”