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February 22, 2017

Outdoor Education at SOTE

Outdoor Education classes commenced for 2017 this Tuesday at The School of Total Education, with the Year 9 class accompanied by Mrs Collins and Mr Licence, the Outdoor Education Teacher, visiting the School’s Outdoor Education Centre at Upper Freestone.

During the class, the students were presented with two tasks, firstly to test their balance by walking across a pine log, then a long metal pipe. For some students, this was a novel and challenging task, but they all successfully completed it and were keen to take on more complex balancing acts.

Following this, Mr Licence taught them some simple knots, hitches and lashings, then gave them the task of constructing a stretcher using bamboo canes, a bag and ropes. The stretchers were completed successfully and then tested by carrying a “patient” around the nearby paddock.


The students then sought some relief from the heat by walking up a nearby part of Freestone Creek, before heading back to school.

“Valuable learning took place in terms of taking on and successfully completely physical challenges which may be outside the comfort zone of some, as well as working together as a team to complete a practical challenge” said Mr Licence. “Everyone enjoyed the day’s activities and are looking forward to taking on more challenges in the next three weeks” he added.