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July 24, 2018

Medieval Day 2018

Medieval Day

On Friday May 25, the whole school had a wonderful day of medieval activities, games and food. There was a vast array of costumes from lords and ladies, kings and queens to executioners, knights, rangers to witches, wizards and peasants! Older students assisted younger ones at times in castle building and decorating, henna hand tattooing and potion making. Archery, breadmaking, 3D mural making and tourny duels filled out the programme for the secondaries with an ongoing treasure hunt puzzle for the sleuths of the school. Students finished the day very satisfied and amused by the final duels of the teachers in the afternoon. It was an amazing day of activities which teachers and staff put together.

The evening events continued with many thanks going to all the parents who contributed the most sumptuous food for the ‘feast’. Special thanks to Jim and Katie Osborn and their team of helpers for cooking the whole pig and Henry Hart’s delicious beef. The decorations for the event were another spectacular contribution, so thanks to those who spent many hours creating and fitting the wreaths, lights, marquee stalls etc. especially Meegan Wallace and her team. The Year 9 play and singing and dancing in the auditorium were enjoyed by all and finished off a very community minded day. It was certainly a day to remember and a wonderful forum for the many talents in our School community.

Taking a look at the herbal medicines

The delicious food

Medieval songs


Lords and ladies

Knights of the realm