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April 3, 2019

ISQ Wellbeing for Schools workshop

Independent Schools Queensland recently ran a two day workshop on school wellbeing, attended by principal Shane Power and Secondary Coordinator, Judy Funder from our school. The workshop was facilitated by Professor Donna Cross from the University of Western Australia who has an international reputation for her work in developing community based interventions to enhance social and emotional development amongst young people.

Prof Cross had an amazing grasp of current research in the area, which she shared, including the fact that most people are feeling tired and stressed but it is the quality of supports around you (protective factors) that determines how you handle it. The most important of these protective factors is said to be the quality of our relationships. Other important factors include sleep, exercise and nutrition. We will be sharing more with the teachers in the weeks ahead.

Professor Donna Cross (centre) with SOTE Secondary Coordinator Judy Funder and Principal Shane Power