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December 12, 2017

Dr Ali Speaks

We were privileged to have Dr Ali Black, senior early childhood lecturer at Sunshine Coast University, speak at our graduation ceremony this year. Our graduations are a little different than many in that as well as it being a celebration of our graduates, it also doubles as our final Parents’ Program for the year. So our guest speaker is also speaking words of advice to our parent body as well as our graduates. Parents get the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker as well, which they did in full measure with Dr Ali.  And she did not disappoint, with helpful practical tips and advice to both parents and students, drawing on her own personal experience in dealing with adversity. As a parent of a first year uni student, she encouraged the students to make the effort to keep in regular contact with their parents when they leave home, which was music to the parents’ ears.

Dr Ali also has her own column with APN and was kind enough to focus on our school in her latest column, which you can read by clicking this link.