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Easier Options for Listening to Podcasts

Thursday, May 02, 2013

When we first added the Total Education Podcast to this website, the only option for listening was a “download” button, which linked to the podcast mp3 audio file.

What happened when you clicked on this button depended on the browers and operating system. Sometimes it would open an audio player, sometimes it would download the file to your computer’s disk.

Some users who are not technically savvy don’t know what to do with a downloaded mp3 file, or even where to find it once it has downloaded.

To improve the usability of this page, we have now introduced inline audio players for these podcasts. These use the “mediaelement” jQuery based audio player (see http://mediaelementjs.com/).

Users can now click on a triangular “play” button, and the audio should start playing. The player provides a volume control and supports seeking to any location in the file.

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