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August 23, 2012

Understanding the Heart of the School

Welcome to the first of the Total Education Blog posts.

I have been in the role of Principal for 7 months now. While I am no stranger to Total Education, having been involved in various roles since the 1980s, each day I am gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of how the School works.

I am not meaning that in a mechanical sense. It is more an understanding of the heart of the School. One of the strongest features I have come to appreciate is the gentleness and respect which the teachers and staff show each other in their daily interactions. It is a wonderful example for me, let alone for all the children in the School. And it is one of the many subtle factors that create that peaceful atmosphere that everyone comments on when first visiting the School.

Last week, The Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper rated our School at number three in the state over the last 5 years, based on OP results in the 1–15 band. An amazing result for a small private school operating in the regional town of Warwick. Click here to view the article.

As I said to the press at the time, it is nice to get the recognition that Total Education works academically for our students on a consistent basis, however, the great academic results are a by-product and not what we focus on.

It is the unique attributes of the School that create a peaceful atmosphere, that relax the children so they can learn and that provide an example of dignity and respect — of which notice needs to be taken. And those attributes are all part of a total education.

PS: We received some follow up press as a result of the Courier Mail article:

Article in the Warwick Daily News.

Article in the Southern Free Times.