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Michael Leunig and Spirituality

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Michael Leunig recently spoke at an education conference in Brisbane on spirituality in education. A very humble man, he made some beautiful but very real statements that are worthy of sharing.

One was a reference to Arthur Boyd's description of spirituality as 'the felt life', which had a ring of truth to it. He then said that he believed that a rich and confident spiritual life is a form of genius that is available to us all and that he saw spirituality as a conduit to the divine world.

The recent teachers seminar at the school at the start of term 2 was on the theme "Developing Intuition, Spontaneity and the Ability to Improvise". Three of the teachers spoke to the topic from their own viewpoint so we had three very different experiences.

One of the teachers talked about how his discipline of spending an hour each morning sitting quietly gave him a sense of space which he could carry through the day and which enabled him to be more able to both recognise and meet the needs of his students. Interestingly, the teacher said it allowed him to 'ask for help'. He gave a cogent example of this in describing dealing with an upset student who he had run out of ideas for and who wanted to go home.Through letting go and being open for guidance, he was able to say the thing which connected with the student and enabled them to calm down and face their challenge without the emotion. There was a strong connection with the ideas that Leunig talked about.

In conclusion, a statement from Leunig which captures his poetic simplicity: Spirituality is surely the breath of love in the world.

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