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March 14, 2019

SOTE Top 1% in High School Gains

We recently received an unexpected call from Dr Andrew Laming MP, the chair of the House of Representatives Education committee, congratulating the school on the academic performance of our senior class of 2018. This cohort was apparently placed in the top 1% of all Queensland high schools, based on their improvement from 2015 NAPLAN to 2018 OP data. He then asked what was our secret.

We explained to him that we encourage the students to work together rather than compete against each other, that we help them find their own motivation rather than push them and that we work as a team with the parents to develop a consistent approach. He seemed to understand so maybe he’ll accept our invitation to visit. It’s a credit to our parents and teachers and of course, our Year 12 graduates. The Warwick Daily News picked up the story which is reproduced below.

Warwick Daily News 05.03.2019