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January 21, 2013

Radio Advertisements Raise the Profile of Total Education

In 2012 we put a lot more energy into raising the school’s profile in the general community.

This was as a result of anecdotal research indicating a lack of awareness of the school in Warwick, even though we’ve been here for over thirty years, and a number of misconceptions of what we are about — for example, that we only take “brainy kids”; that we don’t do any sport; that we are a “special ed” school.

It seems our efforts are paying off with more than a doubling of visitors to our website over the year and an increase in enrolment enquiries.

At Christmas we started a radio advertising campaign on CFM in Warwick and Stanthorpe. The Southern Cross Austereo General Manager in Toowoomba is a great supporter of the School and was knocked out by the graduation ceremony and the past graduates she met afterwards. She came up with a campaign that focussed on the graduates telling their school story.

The advertisements were quite bold for us as we tend to hide our light under a bushel. But I felt that the genuineness of the graduates’ comments more than balanced out any perceived crassness of the advertisements’ theme. Click on the links below to listen to them and see if you recognise the past students involved. I would love to hear your feedback so post a comment with your response.

Links to mp3 files of radio advertisements:

Advertisement 1

Advertisement 2

Advertisement 3

Advertisement 4

Advertisement 5

Advertisement 6

Advertisement 7