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November 10, 2014

Quiet Time

My son recently sent me a link showing celebrity endorsement of the Quiet Time concept in schools in the USA. I want to share with others because it is exciting to see mainstream schools taking up the idea that there is deep value in quietness.

I am pleased that they are even calling it Quiet Time, which is what we have called it in Total Education since the first School of Total Education started in 1977.

My son was chuffed because it was endorsing what he had learned and practised at our school during his time there. Practices many graduates from the school still use today to settle the emotions and refresh mentally.

Quiet Time is the closest we get to a school assembly. It involves all the primary children coming together and listening to a story which is told, not read, by me, the principal, each Monday morning first up. The same routine is adopted on Wednesday morning by another teacher.

Sometimes I will ask the children to close their eyes and listen to a short piece of music. This practise is developed informally over the years and when the children enter secondary they take it up daily and a simple breathing practice is introduced as well. In year 10, the students also have the option of taking a daily yoga class.

We have seen first hand the value of quietness in the students. They are a lot more grounded, have a great capacity to concentrate and are more reflective and able to manage there emotions. Good skills to have both at school and after they leave.

Wouldn’t it be great to see it in every school in Australia!

[The article about Quiet Time can be found at the following url:]