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June 14, 2019

Past student Q&A: India Peel

Your name:

India Peel


When did you commence study at SOTE?



When did you leave study at SOTE?


Tell us a little about yourself – what work are you doing now, what do you enjoy doing outside of work, do you have a partner/children?

I’m two subjects away from graduating Uni with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Financial Planning. I work at a Financial Planning firm in Brisbane and I love it. I live alone down south on the Gold Coast and every second I’m not at work I am at the beach.

What did you learn at SOTE that has stayed with you to this day, that maybe helped you prepare for going out into the world, or that continues to help you in your daily life?

It’s an accumulation of lessons that I learnt over my 13 years at SOTE. I was allowed to be my own person, allowed to make my own decisions and being treated with so much mutual respect by my teachers taught me that each decision I make is a valid one.

If you had one thing you could say to SOTE students today, what would it be?

Throw yourself into it. You have a community of people around you that want nothing but the best for you, you won’t see that if you don’t open yourself to it though. And you can make a tea break last much longer than 10 minutes during an 8am triple if you try hard enough!