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Year 9 Outdoor Education - Leslie Dam and "Arborlee"

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Year 9 students have had two Outdoor Education sessions with Mr Licence so far in 2019. 

In March, Mr Licence and the Year 9 students visited the property of Susan and Clive Savage, “Arborlee”, which is located in the rainforest about 4 kilometres north of Killarney. Sue and Clive are involved with the Condamine Gorge bush restoration group, and with Landcare activities in the Warwick area. 

Susan has gained an extensive knowledge of the rainforest ecosystem and is also an accomplished artist. Susan spoke about the historical links of the rainforest to Gondwanaland and the more recent events that have helped shape the rainforest as we see it today. Mrs Collins also accompanied the class and she and Susan helped the student do some sketching of a plant or a small object located around the house. The students enjoyed their time at Arborlee, especially exploring the rainforest.

In February the Year 9 class spent most of the school day at Leslie Dam participating in activities organised by the YMCA instructors. In the morning the students enjoyed a bit of time above, on or in the water as they developed their skills on stand up paddle boards. In the hot conditions being experienced at present, this activity proved popular. 

After lunch our instructor introduced the students to one of the elements of the recently established high ropes facility. Every student took on the challenge and climbed part, or all the way to the top of the vertical challenge obstacle course. Well done everyone.

Visit to "Arborlee"

Paddle-boarding at Leslie Dam

Leslie Dam ropes challenge 

From the bottom . . . 

To the top!

"Huskies" belaying their classmates

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