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Year 9 Discovery Excursion

Thursday, February 27, 2020

This week Year 9 Discovery students participated in an excursion to Toowoomba. It is always lovely to see students shine in different environments outside the 4 walls of a classroom. The day started at school with lessons before leaving. After a quick break for morning tea at Laurel Bank Park, the students were all keen to get to the bowling alley.

After 2 rounds of ten pin bowling, fingers and arms began to tire. Everyone joined in and were very supportive of each other. Back to the park for lunch which was such a relaxing space, looking so fresh and colourful. The next adventure…”Grand Central”. It is always a lovely experience watching our students grow and develop socially, and practise values naturally. It was such a pleasure to be with the students and observe them in different environments. Everyone really enjoyed the day. 

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