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Year 9 & 10 Camp

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Year 9 and Year 10 students took on a 4 day camp in the Bald Rock and Girraween National Parks west of Stanthorpe at the end of April, organized by the Outward Bound organisation.

The 4 day hike and camp proved to be an immensely challenging but enjoyable and rewarding trip.

Their instructors, Rosie and Leonard, remarked how much they enjoyed the student company and were impressed by boundless energy and enthusiasm.

The students carried their own food, water (4l each per day), tents, and minimal personal clothing, on their backs throughout the 4 days. Such was our isolation that we didn't see anybody outside our group after we headed out from Bald Rock Campsite after the first night until Robbie Quentin picked us up at the end!

Despite a rainy second evening which tested the group resilience, the students really battled through and it was great to see them look out for each other so well.

Rosie, our instructor, allowed the students to be totally independent by the third night, and so the students took on board all the responsibilities of establishing a clean, safe and efficient camp.

All food was cooked on an open fire (or portable stoves when no dry wood was available), tents were shared in pairs or threes, and the 'facilities' were a long trough dug using a spade - 'Doug'. 

Activities included 'low rope' walking and abseiling on the final day, which Troika remarked was 'Absolutely Brilliant!'. Various games and warm-up activities have already been replayed at school, especially 'Ninja' - introduced by American SOTE gap year student, Annie Goldman, who was an invaluable asset to the staff team.

The students provided a great account of themselves and their school. They learned a huge amount about themselves and what they can achieve, and have developed a strong and lasting bond between the two year groups.

The Year 9 and 10 Outward Bound group

Annie Goldman

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