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Year 8 Visit to Leslie Dam for Outdoor Education

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Towards end-February the Year 8 class went to Leslie Dam to participate in two activities under the guidance of a YMCA instructor.

In the morning session the students were given two challenges to solve, both involved cooperating and working closely with each other.

The first activity required the students to balance on, or on a very restricted space beside, a long plastic “pole”. Once in place on the pole the students were asked to rearrange themselves into the order of their birthdays, without touching the floor. Each time they stepped outside the restricted space on and beside the pole they had to return to the original order and start again. The students worked patiently on the problem and eventually realised that the solution lay in physically holding and supporting each other in the transfer process.

In the second activity the students divided in to two groups of four and were asked to use only three small mats to make their way across the hall, without touching the floor.

For this age group physical contact between boys and girls can be a challenging situation and cooperating with each to solve the problems presented to them pushed most of the students out of their comfort zones. All the students showed great patience and worked together in a respectful manner.

In the afternoon the class went down to the dam and were given the task of building a raft out of poles and 200L plastic drums, lashed together using ropes. When they finished building their raft, they had to carry it to the water and paddle it around a marker and back to shore.

Both groups worked diligently on the task and managed to construct a raft that survived the launching stage and the journey on the water. Their instructor complimented the students on their raft building skills and ability to work together as a team.

The students enjoyed all the activities and showed remarkable perseverance and good humour in the process of tackling the challenges they were given. 

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