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Year 7 Outdoor Education at Leslie Dam

Monday, March 02, 2020

In mid-February the Year 7 class went to Leslie Dam with Mr Licence and Mrs Cherie Maguire for their first Outdoor Education session for 2020. The dam is close to 20% full and it provided a wonderful setting for the first activity, which was an introductory lesson on kayaking. The students learnt the correct paddling techniques and also how to recover from a turnover of the kayak. They went for a paddle around the dam to practice their skills and explore the nearby parts of the dam. The lesson finished with some free play with the kayaks and swimming in the water.

After lunch they tackled the low ropes circuit, which consists of 8 elements, each element required the students to working out the best technique for crossing a bridge consisting of a single cable and suspended ropes, or some hanging objects. Each element required a different combination of balance, coordination and perseverance. The students took on all the activities with enthusiasm and great perseverance. They had a wonderful day.

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