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Year 10 Camp

Monday, December 05, 2016

The year 10’s, along with Mr Funder and Mrs Mattarollo ventured to Lennox Heads for the Year 10 Camp last week. While it was a very busy time - activities filled our days, it was lovely. We spent most of our time in, at and on the tea tree lake and the students surpassed themselves with their willingness to complete all that was asked of them. They completed quite a lot of group building exercises and it was certainly an opportunity for innate leadership skills to shine out. For all, it was wonderful to see their willingness to participate in activities. The photos include activities such as eating bread into the shape of Australia; canoeing; damper making (the fire scenes) and tube challenges - which morphed into 'pirate' games.

The biggest challenge was perhaps eating in a hall along with 200 other students - the noise was deafening and our students appreciated the calmness and basic serenity that SOTE affords them.

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