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Tree House Reopening

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Treehouse restored to it's former glory

Like the garden of Oscar Wilde's giant, the tree house breathed a special breathe into the school last Friday.  After 8 years standing in silent witness, it spoke again.  Its voice was the delight in all the children's voices as they happily played in what was affectionately known as “the cubby”.

School Founder, Vijay was fondly remembered for his original gift of the tree house to the children in principal Shane Power’s remarks to the children and parents during the re-opening occasion.  

As too was the dedication of the parents, past parents and friends who contributed through time, effort and financial assistance to help bring the tree house to life again.

Ashur Perkins cutting the Treehouse shaped cake
The cake grew a greater crowd than the treehouse itself

In their roles as acting principals during Year 9 Running the School Day, two Year 9 wrote pieces for this news page to communicate their impressions of the re-opening.  We hope you enjoy them and the accompanying photos.

About the Tree House

I think the tree house is a great thing for the younger children because of what it means to them to stand above it all and still be able to hide away from everything. It is like a place you can go that makes it feel like you’re not at school anymore but instead in some different place above the clouds. I personally have seen how much work the parents and teachers have put into getting the tree house back to a safe place for kids to play, and when I see the kids in the tree house I feel like all that time and energy really went to a good cause. It has been so amazing over the last couple of days watching the children laughing and play in the tree house with each other. - William Lightfoot

Big kids got to see it too!

Cubby Re-opens

First there were the yells from the children. Then there were the sounds of heavy footsteps as everyone headed to the opening. After that the only noise came from the centre of the school. The entire school, all standing around the gazebo, and within the gazebo stood the most delicious looking cake in the shape of a cubby, the same cubby as the one within the school walls, the same cubby that had been deemed unfit for human habitation. Or was it? 

Mr. Power walked through the gazebo door. He began to give his speech, which was about the cubby and reopening and thanks to some of the parents of the school. Then one of the students moved towards the cake. He then picked up the knife and sliced through it with such enthusiasm. Then the students all lined up in grades from youngest to oldest. When every child’s stomach was full, they began lining up to climb the cubby in groups of ten. The cries of joy from the children filled the air like horns. The cubby was open. - Hugh Doolan

It was hard to hold the kids back

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