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Performance in the Round

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Performance in the Round is a school event that show cases performances of music, dance and theatre by students from Prep to Grade 12. All of the primary students and many of the secondaries participated in the afternoon and evening, with many families sitting down for a picnic in the balmy early evening before the final concert. The children gained confidence performing in a variety of venues and applauded their fellow students’ efforts which was wonderful to see. A team of behind the scenes volunteers made the production possible with secondary students giving outstanding support doing stage management, sound and lighting. We were fortunate to have Roger Knox perform on the day as well as the SOTE Community Choir. It will be a day to be remembered!

Middle School Band

Grade 3 Play "The Turning Point"

Roger Knox performed with Matthew and Bernadine

SOTE Choir

Grade 6 Play "Back to the Summer"

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