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Outdoor Ed with Prep

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

During May the Prep students and Mrs Locke joined Mr Licence for their first Outdoor Education class. The students visited Mr Licence in the science building to look at some specimens of animals and to watch a presentation on the different types of animals that can be seen around the school. After the introductory session the students walked around the school yard looking for animals, some of the children knew where to find a big golden orb spider, so this was one of the first stops on the walk. 

After visiting the spider, the students went to the place where Mr Quinton feeds the birds and we were able to see some lorikeets, magpies and some noisy miner birds.

Mr Licence then asked the students to search different types of trees to see what creatures live on the trunk, branches and leaves. The children found some spiders and insects, most of these animals used camouflage to hide in the tree. On the way back to their classroom Mr Licence showed the students a native beehive in one of the trees beside the science building.

The students enjoyed their Outdoor Education class and were keen to join Mr Licence for their second session.

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