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Mulan Musical Fills the House

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

It was a full house for the Friday night performance of the secondary students performance of the musical Mulan at the Vijayadev Yogendra Auditorium. The opening was delayed as more seating was hastily arranged for the large number of walk-ins, bringing the total audience to over 200.

The students responded with an incredible performance, really lifting after their confidence building effort the night before. Directors Michael Funder and Ronda Mattarollo both remarked on the bonding experience the musical offers for the students, cutting across age levels and social groups. In the bus to the after-cast get-together, the students sang the songs from the musical at full lung capacity.

The unusually young cast focussed well and delivered admirable performances with great courage and determination shown, especially from one student who performed though unwell, not wanting to let the others down. There were standout individual performances, professional backstage support and  brilliant sound and lighting. The set design was stunning and laid the platform for the students to shine.

Mulan was a credit to the staff and parents who all contributed to make it happen.

The cast and crew of Mulan

Students played multiple roles

The Dragon

The Emperor

Families turned out in support of their talented children

SOTE Principal Shane Power with wife Ruth and sons

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