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Healthy Living for Young Women and Odyssey Programs

Thursday, November 05, 2015

The girls and boys from Years 8 to 12 each attended full day personal development workshops last week as part of our student wellbeing program, based on what it means to be a young man and woman in today's society.

For the boys, we provided the Odyssey Program covering topics including identity and masculinity, mateship and support, self protection and cyber awareness.

For the girls, we provided the Centre for Healthy Living's program Healthy Living for Young Women covering topics including self image, relationships, personal safety and health.

Both these programs were from outside providers but were tailored to suit our students and environment.

Young people are constantly bombarded by a culture telling them how they should look, behave, feel and be. These programs provided them with tools and strategies to assist them with this time in their lives and their issues.

The school received very positive feedback from the providers, as follows:

From the Healthy Living Program

I just wanted to let you know how we found the girls in the workshop on Wednesday. They were absolutely beautifully behaved - polite, open, settled but self-assured. They were not inhibited about expressing their thoughts and opinions, and did so without any anger or sense of opposition if their views were different or slightly divergent from ours. They were very observant and caring of each other in a very natural way. For the Strength cards exercise, they virtually had an outpouring of positive things they wanted to say about each other. (We had restricted them to three!) They had no idea about the details of the day but very happily went along with each new activity. They all had good concentration and were engaged and absorbed in every activity we presented them with. There was a lot of laughter and not one hint of negativity or conflict between themselves or about the issues we were discussing. It was a beautiful reflection of all the work you and the teachers are doing with them everyday.

From the Odyssey Program

Dan was very impressed with your boys and mentioned numerous times that it is rare to find boys with such strong sense of self and positive social intelligence. He found he had to 'up' the content a few times as your boys were ahead of many other boys he has presented to in the past. Nice work!

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