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Grants Group Visits School

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We hosted the Block Grant Authority Capital Funding Committee last week as part of our application for funding to build the Roy Fox Memorial Science Laboratory in Building 3. The committee comprised four members, the CEO Dr Grant Watson, the finance director Rod Morris and two schools representatives, Mike Curtis and Lyn Stokes.

The visit went well with the committee inspecting the existing facility and then quizzing the school's representatives about the educational need and the financial aspects. They then joined the primary children for a nice lunch in the school dining room. Overall, they were very taken with the school and its philosophy and supported the proposal.

The plan comprises a refurbishment of the existing laboratory and conversion of the art room to a second laboratory and a conversion of the general classroom to a new art room. The entrance and toilets will also be refurbished and a chairlift to the auditorium basement.

The plans are set out below and have been costed at around $500,000. We will not know until October this year whether we will get a grant and for how much. However, it is expected we will get something substantial but will need to supplement this with our own funds. Hence an appeal will be set up and parents, past students and friends are invited to contribute. Donations to the school's building fund for the project are tax deductible. Contact the Principal Shane Power, for more information.

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