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March 22, 2022

Helping Children to Focus and to Relax

Every parent wants success and happiness for their children and often go to great lengths and expense to provide them with what the parents think is the means to achieve it. But what is the key to raising happy and successful children?

This Friday night two distinguished local psychologists, Jan Gudkovs and Jan Dugan will be addressing the parent body at The School of Total Education on this very issue. “The right input and guidance early in children’s lives makes a big difference to their capacity to relax, to be contented and happy” say these practitioners in their book “The Focused Child”. 

 In what will be an interactive presentation the speakers will look at the crucial importance of the children’s capacity to focus in order for them to achieve. This raises the question, what takes away children’s capacity to focus?

Perhaps more important is the question, what can parents do about it? With over 40 years of observing and counselling children and families as well as raising their own families, these experienced psychologists have simple but effective guidelines and practical knowledge to share.

Come and hear them present on this topic and find answers to how to create emotional stability, robust self esteem and a balanced perspective in your children. Parents are welcome to bring an interested friend or extended family member.