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November 7, 2012

Education Academics from USQ Visit the School

We had a visit to the school this week by three education research academics from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Professor Patrick Danaher, Dr Robyn Henderson and Dr Rahul Ganguly.

I had met Prof Danaher at a USQ luncheon some months ago and invited him to the school. When he mentioned it to his colleagues they were keen to visit too so I was happy to extend the invitation.

It was refreshing to meet such broadminded and deep thinking academics. After a tour of the school with the deputy principal and myself, we joined the primary school for a cooked lunch in the dining room. Our guests really connected with what we are doing at the school and enjoyed chatting to teachers and students. All had known of the school but were completely surprised by how we were so successfully putting the Founder Vijayadev Yogendra’s educational ideals into action.

Dr Ganguly has had substantial international experience, having grown up just two blocks from Mother Teresa’s centre in Calcutta, and studied and worked in Chicago, Malaysia and Cambodia before coming to Australia. He felt we had something unique and of great value to the world community.

Our connection will continue into the future and all parents and students at the school will have the opportunity to meet and hear Professor Danaher soon as he will be the guest speaker at the graduation next week.