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October 25, 2022

Dr Arne Rubinstein on Y9 Discovery and Rites of Passage

Watch our chat with Dr Arne about the importance of Rites of Passage in helping adolescents develop, how parents can help and why the SOTE Discovery program is so powerful. Here are the questions we put to him.
  • You’ve devoted your life to the Rites of Passage program. Why do you think it is so important?
  • What do you see as the 3 main challenges facing adolescents today?
  • Why do you get the parents involved?
  • What changes do you see parents needing to make to help children transition to adulthood.
  • How does the RoP fit with the SOTE Y9 Discovery program?
  • Do you think the SOTE approach of fostering cooperation rather than competition helps adolescent development?

Watch our chat with Dr Arne