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November 26, 2013

An Intimate and Heartfelt Graduation

Graduation at any school is a special time and The School of Total Education is no exception. The family-friendly culture and the small class sizes at the school mean that the graduation ceremonies have an intimate atmosphere. Practically all the parents and children in the school are present, and past graduates often come back to see their young friends graduate.

The graduation ceremony is simple and involves a brief introduction of each student which reflects on their positive personal qualities. Each graduate then responds, and there is often a lot of emotion at this point. The students invariably express much gratitude to their teachers, their parents and often the parents of fellow students who have helped nurture them. They also express a deep connection with their fellow students, many of whom have been with them for their entire school life.

One of the characteristics of our school is that we don’t give prizes. One parent remarked that the heartfelt remarks introducing each student meant so much more than a prize for this or that.

In addition to the graduation, the program includes the final parent seminar for the year. This year were privileged to have Father Hal Ranger from St Patrick’s Cathedral in Toowoomba address the students and parents. As a man who has worked with the homeless and destitute in Melbourne’s inner city, Father Hal could talk honestly about the importance of treating each person with respect in one’s life. And as a former rugby-league-playing parish priest in Warwick, he also connected with the parents and grandparents. An article in the local newspaper about the graduation can be found by clicking here.

Finally, it was wonderful to have the annual presentation of the senior students’ art work displayed in the entrance foyer of the new Vijayadev Yogendra Auditorium. It really brought the space to life.