More Comments from SOTE Teachers

When I chose to leave journalism after a decade of work in newspapers, my wife, a teacher herself, pushed me to try education. During my training I had a variety of experiences — none of them as joyful and fulfilling as my time at SOTE. I had the chance to apply my new-found trade in a way that allowed me to focus less on behaviour management and more on the skills and theory of teaching. I found the environment extremely collegial. In times of difficulty, both at school and in my personal life, help, care and compassion were waiting for me and my family. My wife and I both work for the school now, and feel particularly blessed to have found our way here.

As a teacher, the first thing I noticed when I arrived at the school was not the positive attributes of the school — small classes, quality resources, supportive colleagues and the friendly atmosphere — but the things that were missing. Without violence, graffiti, swearing, drugs, truancy, bullying, fear, disrespect, discrimination and theft, I am free to teach.

The School of Total Education is a unique environment, which promotes and the growth and development of all members of the school community — the staff, students and parents. Working here has been an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience both professionally and also personally. The small class sizes enable teachers to develop strong, positive relationships with the students, and their parents, which makes it so much easier to deal with issues in a positive and constructive manner as they arise.

Teachers are looked upon as ‘whole people’ rather than just cogs in a machine and the school provides many opportunities for teachers to work on their own personal development as well as their professional development.