An Introduction to SOTE

Welcome to the School of Total Education (SOTE). This page offers a guided introduction to the school. Watch our introductory Welcome to SOTE video slideshow (3 minutes). Then if you want to learn more about the school, follow the links below. If you’re specifically interested in enrolment, please see our Steps to Enrolment page.

Special Features of the Total Education Program

More About the School

A Story of Vision and Commitment

The school first opened in Melbourne in 1977, but its roots go back further. Read about the school’s beginnings and how it has developed over more than 30 years.

Distinctive Curriculum

In addition to state and federal government curriculums, the School offers a range of distinctive curriculum elements based on the program of Total Education.

Meet the SOTE Team

Today SOTE has a mix of teachers, some long-standing and others who are relative newcomers. All share an enthusiasm for the school’s ideals and putting them into practice.