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Year 12 Graduates Inspired by Past Student

Friday, December 02, 2016

At the School's recent Graduation Ceremony and Parent Seminar, the graduates and parent body were addressed by past student Dr Indra Nordstrand.

  Dr. Indra Nordstrand

Now a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Melbourne, Dr Nordstrand spoke to the audience on issues of gender in the workplace and work life integration. She outlined in sometimes graphic detail her experiences in the medical field and how she coped, revealing extraordinary tenacity and endurance, as well as a capacity for tolerance and forgiveness. Indra was also able to blur the lines between work and home, revealing that for her it was not a question of balance but of integrating the two as they are both so naturally interwoven.

The graduating class of 2016 with Dr. Indra Nordstrand

As is usual in these events, it was the questions from the audience that really brought out Indra's life knowledge and understanding, which she humbly attributed to her mother, the school's founder Vijayadev Yogendra and her teachers. The questions included her experiences with competition, coming from a school which deliberately shunned competition as a motivational tool to a highly competitive university course and subsequent specialisation. Her response was deeply reassuring to parents as she explained in detail how it was her intrinsic motivation which she developed at school which kept her on track, enabling her to resist the pressure to get involved in the competitive atmosphere and allowed her to excel.

Indra had spent the previous week visiting the school and sharing her experience with teachers, parents, and students, helping out wherever she could. A wonderful example to our students. We hope to see more of Indra at the school in the future.

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