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Primary & Secondary Games 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The philosophy behind the day is a non-competitive, fun and engaging time spent playing a variety of track and field activities. The games days are filled with students wearing colours based on the rainbow. This year, the beginning of the day started at the Queens Park soccer fields which was a break from past sports days. The Primary activities ranged from ball games, throwing Frisbees to sprints. The children cheerfully took part and enjoyed a sunny yet cool day. The Senior students did ball games, 100m sprints, relays and a fantastic long distance run over 1.5kms along the Condamine River.
Once back at school, Primary students enjoyed long jump and a cross country run through the school grounds. Senior students enjoyed some traditional field events such as javelin, discus and a high jump tournament. Lots of cheering from primaries and secondaries alike rounded off a very memorable 2 days.

Primary Sports Day


Secondary Sports Day


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