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Total Education — The Urgent Need

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“The principles are practical and are being achieved and I commend this book to all who are involved in the future of education.”

Dr Richard Griffith, Psychiatrist, Melbourne.


145 pages.

High quality softcover edition.

Original 1983 printing.

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This first comprehensive book about Total Education was originally published in 1983 — six years after the author, Vijayadev Yogendra, had established the School of Total Education in St Kilda in Melbourne.

The book provides a structured and detailed presentation of the concepts of Total Education and the way the ideas were put into practice in the School of Total Education.

Chapters on ideals of education, teacher development, parent education, appendices on the School of Total Education, the Teacher Development Programme, the Parents Programme and so on, should make this book essential reading for all those seriously interested in education and the direction it must take if “mankind is to find peace and happiness”.

Note: This book was based on an earlier and shorter work, “Total Education — The Obvious Solution”.

About the Author

Vijayadev Yogendra (1930–2005), educationalist, philosopher, author and poet, had his early experience in India and neighbouring regions. He had rare exposure to great thinkers of both East and West through the focus provided by his widely revered father, Shri Yogendra, as well as through his own extensive travels.

He made a vigorous lifetime study of the world’s educational, philosophical and cultural traditions, and from this study refined new holistic programmes in education and health.

After settling in Australia in 1964, he began implementing practical measures to improve modern living. The Helen Vale Foundation was formed in 1970. Immediately it began training people with broad qualifications for a range of new community projects, including The School of Total Education, established in 1977.

During his lifetime, Vijayadev Yogendra’s tireless work in Australia quietly gained enormous community respect. It was based on one belief — that each individual has the capacity to rise above ignorance, selfishness and ill-health through his or her own efforts.

Other books by Shri Vijayadev include “Love As A Way”, “Future Education”, “Overcoming Negative Feelings”, “Overcoming Guilt”, “Overcoming Anger” and “Beyond Drugs, Drink and Sex”.

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