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Good Parenting — The Urgent Need

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Good Parenting Cover

“A book that changes the discussion of parenting from techniques to understanding and love.”


253 pages.

High quality softcover edition.

2006 printing.

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Vijayadev Yogendra’s examination of the pressures on parenting in our current society gives the parental role a deeper meaning. He describes how to foster the potential of children through better communication, creative discipline, improved health and most importantly, through inculcating a sense of values. This approach equips children for a life based on realistic expectations, patience, consistency, tolerance, harmony and contentment.

The author’s message is one of optimism. He correctly directs us to the future and away from the past, and to the chances which remain and away from the mistakes which have been made. He clearly indicates what should be done, and that the effort is well worthwhile. There is, in his message, practical advice on how to improve as a parent and the inspiration to make the effort.

The work is notable for its pithy sayings, striking analogies and illuminating insights. It conveys a spirit which poses a challenge to mindless materialism and establishes a fresh and firm basis for parent-child relationships.

About the Author

Vijayadev Yogendra (1930–2005), educationalist, philosopher, author and poet, had his early experience in India and neighbouring regions. He had rare exposure to great thinkers of both East and West through the focus provided by his widely revered father, Shri Yogendra, as well as through his own extensive travels.

He made a vigorous lifetime study of the world’s educational, philosophical and cultural traditions, and from this study refined new holistic programmes in education and health.

After settling in Australia in 1964, he began implementing practical measures to improve modern living. The Helen Vale Foundation was formed in 1970. Immediately it began training people with broad qualifications for a range of new community projects, including The School of Total Education, established in 1977.

During his lifetime, Vijayadev Yogendra’s tireless work in Australia quietly gained enormous community respect. It was based on one belief — that each individual has the capacity to rise above ignorance, selfishness and ill-health through his or her own efforts.

Other books by Shri Vijayadev include “Love As A Way”, “Future Education”, “Overcoming Negative Feelings”, “Overcoming Guilt”, “Overcoming Anger” and “Beyond Drugs, Drink and Sex”.

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