Dr. Rubinstein Visits Total Education

As one of the parents I listened to Dr Arne Rubenstein speak at the combined parents meeting on the 24th of February. Dr Arne has invested much of his time and energy in establishing programmes that celebrate and acknowledge teenagers for who they are, and that mark their transition into adulthood.

He has been instrumental in the setting up of the Pathways Foundation, which was of special significance for me, as last year my two sons and I attended “Pathways To Manhood“ camps held for boys aged 12-16 and run by the Pathways Foundation. Damon accompanied me to a Camp held last Easter in rural Victoria, and Brendan and I attended a Camp held in September in Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

Much of what Dr Arne spoke about at the Parents combined meeting that night resonated with me, as my sons and I had had first hand experience of the potency, the transforming power of the process embedded in the “Pathways” programme. What was of special value to me was the opportunity for the men and their sons/charges to share candidly about their lives, to celebrate and honour the boys, and to communally mark their coming of age through a rite of passage.

At the combined parent meeting Dr Arne spoke to us about the challenges that confront our children, the dangers they must face. He also suggested ways that we as parents and as a community could better prepare them to meet those challenges. It was apparent to me that Dr Arne’s views and the School approach have much in common. I would also encourage parents to consider accompanying their child to a programme similar to that which the Pathways Foundation offers.