Meet the SOTE Team


Shane Power, Principal
Starting as a volunteer at the School in the 1980s, Shane later worked in businesses which funded the School, where he worked under the personal guidance of the School’s founder, Vijayadev Yogendra. A member of the School Governing Council since 1992, Shane has also been actively involved as a school parent, with two children who have attended the School. After many years as a solicitor, Shane decided on a career change and took up the role of Principal in 2012.
Judy Currie, Deputy Principal
BSc, Dip Ed
Judy Currie has been involved at The School of Total Education since its beginnings in Melbourne. Judy is a dedicated teacher who has taught primary and secondary classes with a focus on Science and Biology. As Deputy Principal, she is responsible for the day to day running of the school, working with students, teachers and parents. Judy has a special interest in teacher training and parent development.


Caitlin Alley
BCre.Arts(Music), GDTL (Primary)
Colin Alley
Dip Teach, M Ed Admin
Bernadine Bradshaw
BA (Hons), Dip Ed
Matthew Bradshaw
BA, B Ed
Joanne Collins
BA Vis.Arts, Grad.Dip.Ed.
Susan Cooper
BA, Grad Dip Learning Teaching
Piers Dudin
BSc(Mth), PGCE
Samantha Fisher
Grad Dip Ed (Special Ed), B Ed
Judy Funder
MA, Dip Ed
Michael Funder
B Music Ed
Nadia Gaffney
Debbie Lane
Karen Leech
Dip Teaching
Ray Licence
Dip Ed, BSc (Hons)
Sophia Lightfoot
BA, GDTL (Primary)
Renee Locke
Ronda Mattarollo
BA, B Ed (Secondary), M Ed Special Ed
Stephen McCreadie
BA, GradDip(Tch&Lrn)
John Muehlebach
B.Eng., Grad.Dip.Ed.(Teaching)
Peter Pickering
B Econ, Dip Ed
Brett Weier
BA His&EngLit, GDTL(Secondary)
Kiki Williment
BEd(Early Childhood)

Teachers Aides

Sharon Fern
BA(Disability Studies)
Christopher Hulme
Laura O'Leary
Sharman Parsons
Assoc Dip Dance
Jenny Thornton
Cert.III Early Childhood Ed. and Care
Kacey Weier